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Stay Away From NMK Capital Investments-DCI Warns Kenyans

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a stern caution to Kenyan citizens concerning a suspicious pyramid scheme that seeks to swindle individuals of their hard-earned money.

In an official statement, the DCI has identified the pyramid scheme as “NMK Capital Investment Limited,” which operates within Nairobi County and maintains offices at Corner House and Norwich Union House.

The mastermind behind this fraudulent scheme is revealed to be Ngugi Mucheru Keeru (NMK), who also serves as the sole Director of another entity known as “Bidsworth Autorents Capital Limited.”

The DCI’s Serious Crime Unit has recently received a surge in complaints from victims who invested in the scheme, alleging that their substantial investments have vanished following disputes among the directors and the disappearance of the prime suspect, Ngugi Mucheru Keeru.

At present, over 5,000 investors have become entangled in a six-month contract with NMK, requiring a minimum investment of Sh50,000.

According to the DCI, participants were promised a 15 percent compounded interest on their investments, redeemable after six months.

Furthermore, the company extended car hire services by leasing vehicles from unsuspecting members of the public, which were subsequently rented out to individuals and agencies. Allegedly, car owners were entitled to 30% of the company’s earnings. The company also ventured into off-plan properties.

However, as the six-month period drew to a close, investors found themselves grappling with substantial financial losses. Car owners who had leased their vehicles to the company were unable to locate their assets.

The DCI emphasizes the importance of exercising caution and conducting thorough due diligence before engaging in such undertakings. Presently, both NMK Capital Investment Limited and Bidsworth Autorents Capital Limited are under active investigation.

The DCI concluded by urging the public to be vigilant and discerning when considering involvement in ventures driven by the unscrupulous pursuit of wealth through fraudulent means.

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