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Look Rich On A Budget! 8 Cheap Things That Make You Look Very Rich

It’s true people judge you from your appearance.

Normally, many people would argue that looks don’t matter but in reality, they do. While many believe that you have to break the bank to look rich, sometimes you just need a few tricks and pulls to look like you are wealthy.

Below are simple tricks you can use to make people believe you are rich and well off.

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Tailor Your Clothes

Well-Fitting clothes always send a psychological message that one is elegant, has taste and therefore wealthy. Prosperous men have their clothes made to measure. So talk to your fundi and let his customise a few attire for you.

Buy A Quality Watch

A quality watch communicates a lot about your look. Knowing how to look rich is not just about clothing. Your accessories matter, too.

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Your watch does much more than just tell the time — it tells the world and people around you what you are about. It’s a reflection of your personality and if there’s one thing all successful men have in common, it’s that they all wear quality watches.

Get one and you’ll see how much it changes people’s perspectives.

Nice Cologne

Part of knowing how to look rich comes down to the small things. The key to success lies in your awareness of the little things.

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While scent can be very expensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean you would have spent a lot on your cologne. In Kenya, colognes are split and sold in smaller quantities meaning even though a cologne might be going for more than Ksh 12,000, you’d easily get a few millimetres for close to Ksh 1000.

Avoid Logos

The more brand logos you have the cheaper you look.

That Safaricom t-shirt might be comfy but it’s making you look cheap because everyone knows it’s from a promo.

High-end clothing doesn’t have prominent logos for good reason – the clothing’s quality speaks for itself. The right people will admire your clothes for their craftsmanship and you for your style. Displaying logos as a sign of status makes you look like you’re trying too hard and therefore reeks of desperation.

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Embrace Neutral Colors

You can never go wrong with neutrals including black, white, and shades of beige or grey if you want to look expensive. Additionally so, pastels such as light pinks and baby blues. These neutral colours can easily make an article look more expensive as opposed to other colors.

Quality Over Quantity

Finally, always choose quality and not quantity. It’s better to have just 5 nice shirts than 12 bad ones. First, never buy too many clothes at once.

Second, don’t be lured into special offers on discounted, low-quality outfits. Keep your money and only get the most fitting ones from natural and sustainable textiles that will last.

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