How Blockchain Technology Is Assisting Kenyan Farmers Harvest Avocados


In Kenya, a partnership between One Million Avocados (OMA) and Dimitra, a blockchain-based agricultural technology company, is leveraging blockchain technology to assist small-scale avocado farmers. The initiative aims to tackle key challenges faced by farmers, such as limited market access, stringent export rules, and agricultural issues like pests and diseases.

Dimitra has equipped local avocado farmers with advanced technology, including AI, IoT, and blockchain. This technology helps farmers comply with strict environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, opening up new markets and unlocking value for their produce.

By digitizing 10,000 avocado trees as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon blockchain, farmers gain transparency and access to essential real-world data, such as GPS location, farm scores, and development history.

Additionally, the blockchain’s monitoring and traceability capabilities have improved farm management, resulting in better crops and more efficient harvest processes.

The partnership also includes the use of DMTR tokens for transactions, facilitating seamless NFT purchases and revenue-sharing activities.

Through the Connected Farmer platform, available on Android, iOS, and web browsers, Kenyan avocado farmers can access advanced machine learning and data science methods to track pest and disease problems in real-time, enhancing their ability to manage and improve crop production.

Dimitra’s approach demonstrates how blockchain technology can extend beyond finance to support sustainable agricultural practices and empower smallholder farmers in Kenya.

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