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Learn Ways To Mine Crypto In July On Your Smartphone

Previously, crypto mining apps were not allowed on any smartphone store such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store due to the strain they put on phone processors, causing battery issues, overheating, and latency problems. As a result, legitimate mining apps cannot be downloaded from these stores. Instead, you need to rely on a friend to share a safe mining app with you, as downloading from untrusted sources can be hazardous.

To get started, you simply download the mining app, sign in, join a mining pool, and begin mining your chosen cryptocurrency.

Although there are risks involved, mining can be a viable option, especially if apps offer a “premium” membership option that eliminates ads. Many users are willing to allow crypto-mining in exchange for a better user experience.


Among the top mining apps for smartphones is MinerGate, which is secure, feature-rich, and offers miners access to statistics.

The app allows customization of mining settings, including a low usage mode to conserve device performance. MinerGate has a large user base, ensuring high uptime and better earnings potential. The only drawback is that it restricts you to its built-in mining pools instead of allowing you to join specific coin pools.

Security technologies

In addition to mining, storing cryptocurrencies securely is essential for long-term ownership. Recommended cryptocurrency exchanges with strong security technologies include ZenGo and Revolut, offering integrated wallets for added convenience.

ZenGo’s unique keyless technology ensures the safety of your crypto assets, with a backup in the cloud for added protection against smartphone loss or damage.


The platform supports over 75 crypto assets and provides a user-friendly interface with round-the-clock customer support.

In conclusion, mining cryptocurrencies on your smartphone can be done through mining apps like MinerGate.

However, be cautious about downloading apps from unreliable sources. For secure storage of your mined cryptocurrencies, consider using trusted exchanges like ZenGo or Revolut, which offer advanced security features and user-friendly interfaces.

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