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Ksh1.1M Monthly Salary- Shaffie Weru Is A Good Example A Big Salary Won’t Necessarily Make You Wealthy Or Rich

Have you ever heard the popular quote that a big salary quickly turns into your dream killer if you are not careful?

Kenyan media personality Shaffie Weru recently shared insights into his past as a radio presenter during a conversation on the Mic Cheque podcast. Despite his impressive salary of Ksh1 million, he revealed how it didn’t equate to wealth.

“Back in 2006, just before taxes, I was making about Ksh1.1 million,” he recounted. “But that money was quickly spent on parties, lavish cars, and raising my children. My eldest is now in university, and when you calculate, it’s been 18 years since then, so I was also paying school fees.”

Despite the seemingly substantial income, Weru’s financial situation didn’t guarantee stability. In March 2021, he, along with his former colleagues Neville and DJ Joe Mfalme, faced termination from their breakfast show due to insensitive remarks about Gender Based Violence, reflecting the adage that a big salary is often a “killer of dreams.”

Reflecting on his dismissal, Weru emphasized that the issue extended beyond his commentary, attributing it to conflicts with advertisers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reason I was fired was never solely about the tweets or public outrage,” he clarified. “It was more about conflicts with companies that were sponsoring me due to my prominence as a presenter. When COVID hit, our staff was short, and I had to step in, but that’s when problems arose.”

Weru’s termination occurred shortly after his return to mainstream media, underscoring the transient nature of success in the industry.

Despite his impressive paycheck, it wasn’t enough to shield him from professional setbacks, highlighting the unpredictability of financial security despite a high income.

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