Kenya Power to Connect Public Schools With Internet

Kenya Power is working with the ICT Authority to roll out a plan to connect all public schools with the internet by using Kenya Power transmission lines.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority is collaborating with Kenya Power, Ministry of Energy and Communication Authority (CA) in the plan aimed at boosting learning and teaching.

Kenya Power Connections

Kenya Power has so far connected over 22,000 schools with power.

The authority will further use the same infrastructure to stream fiber to all the public learning institutions.

We estimate within two years we will have completed.

The internet that comes to your school already purchased by the government will be through the Kenya Education Cloud.

This is to further ensure all the content is properly vetted,” said ICT Authority acting director programs and standards, Thomas Odhiambo.

Mr. Odhiambo said the internet penetration will capture villages touching 10 million households.

This will blend learning and ensure we get the internet productivity that a nation can get according to Business Daily

Internet penetration is crucial for development,” he said, noting that internet connectivity is crucial for growth in digital learning.

He said the government has formed a special purpose vehicle with Etisalat in Fujairah to ensure Kenya is connected.


Mr. Odhiambo said so far some 9,000km of fiber has reached all the sub-counties distributing internet in Kenya.

However, he said the 9,000km of fiber is not enough.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority has so far issued 1.2 million devices for the Digital Literacy Program (DLP) in 22, 890 public primary schools.

He said DLP was the largest undertaking by the government globally to deliver digital devices.

“The creativity you find in Kenya is just enormous.

Nobody would have imagined this would be possible.

When the internet comes to a country usually through the submarine cables it has to be distributed and this was done by the government,” said Mr. Odhiambo.

This fiber is used by both the government and private sector.

The private sector is using part of it to offer you the services you enjoy including mobile connectivity.”

However, the ICT Authority acting director programs and standards says as Kenya moves to blended learning and hybrid classrooms stakeholders’ engagement and involvement are crucial.

“We thought it’s just buying a laptop or tablet and taking it to school.

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