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Changamka bro! 7 Financial Gifts For Your Loved Ones On International Women’s Day

We all know women love gifts.

International Women’s Day (IWD), held on March 8th every year, is a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world.

Companies are celebrating IWD in a variety of creative ways, albeit a little differently this year as social distancing measures are still very much in place around the world.

But as we celebrate as organisations, it is also good not to forget your part as a man.

There are different ways we can celebrate women on this day but no matter how we celebrate them, we should gift them something in the process.

Below are some gift ideas from Marketcap Trainers that will for sure put a smile on any woman you chose to celebrate.

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Gift Card
The safest option is to give her a gift card of a certain value which she can redeem whenever she feels like buying something. She might use it on you, your kids, herself or anyone else. However, gift her a card that has enough money to fulfil her needs. Trust us, she’ll love this unique present.

Credit Card
You might not like your partner asking for money from you every time. You might feel she is dependent on you. So, to solve this problem, you can gift her a credit card which she can use with full authority and freedom. She can buy whatever she likes and whenever she likes. At last, you’ll have to pay the bill but without her knowing.

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Health Insurance
Women keep a track of others’ health and in the process neglects their own. At an older age, there might be various diseases that can risk the health of your partner and cost lakhs for the treatment. To get ready for such emergency times, gift her health insurance so that she can live her life without thinking about the future medical bills.

Cryptocurrency is the latest trend of long-term investment. Do some market research and buy her some crypto coins which are predicted to boom in the future. If she is scared to invest, then do it yourself. She’ll definitely be proud of your decision once the market booms. We have mentioned this in the past, remember?

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Gold is said to be the best investment. There is hardly any woman who doesn’t like investing in gold. The price of gold usually increases with time. So after a few years, you’ll have a handsome profit on the gold you buy today. While she might be having gold jewellery which she loves wearing on different occasions, you can buy her gold bars, gold coins, gold funds and so on.

Fixed Deposit
To secure your daughter or wife’s future, open an FD in their name. You will not only have a fixed amount saved for them but you’ll also get a good interest rate which will increase the amount every year.

An hour with a great financial adviser

Sometimes, the best gift you give is advice. If you know a loved one is looking for help, offer the gift of an appointment with a financial adviser. In addition to offering to pay for the first appointment, you could also suggest some thoughts on how to pick a great financial adviser.

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