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World Cup Fever! How To Avoid Wasting Money While Supporting Your Team

Well, the highly anticipated World Cup tournament has officially kicked off and will go on for another 3 or so weeks till Sunday, December 18.

This means this December wouldn’t be our usual one but rather will be extra-packed with distracting events.

On a typical December, a lot of people complain of wasting cash while in the festive mood. With World Cup in place, this is expected to double.

As mentioned earlier, the tournament will last weeks therefore if not planned correctly, might leave you broke especially if you want to watch most of the games with a crowd or in a bar setting.

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Below are 6 tips that will help you save your money this world cup season:

1. Don’t Bet

Don’t be caught up in the betting wave that normally comes with such tournaments because you might end up blowing all your money.

We understand that you are supporting your team and fully believe they’ll win but don’t put all your hopes in it. It might burn you alive.

2. Watch the games at home

The tournament will go on for another 29 or so days and if this means you’ll be catching your favorite game in the clubs or any other social setting, be ready to have a long long Christmas. With the festive season also starting, things are about to become pricey.


Our advice is that watch as many games as possible at home or in places that won’t pressure your finances. Catch only the important matches outdoors.

3. Have a budget for games to control your spending

As much as we have discouraged you from watching the games at clubs or other outdoor events, we all understand it can be a little hard to stay at home.

If you are planning to be catching the games from your home, then make sure you have a budget to avoid overspending and getting into avoidable financial stress.

Keep it simple. Understand where you most money will be going if you decide to catch all the games outdoors.

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4. Avoid bandwagons

Don’t jump on any wave just because it’s the World Cup. Don’t bet because people are betting. Don’t spend because people are spending or don’t plan just because others have done. This is how people ruin their finances by following blindingly.

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