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We are now offering Veem-verified transactions, Get Money Straight To Your M-pesa within minutes

Market Cap Trainers is now offering Veem transactions to Mpesa making it even easier and cheaper to send and receive from abroad.

Unlike other money transfer services, Veem is different as it uses blockchain technology which makes payments secure, quick and cost-effective.

Veem in Kenya services

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Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, intermediary banks and their associated fees are cut out of the payment process, saving you money.

All of this makes Veem a secure, quick and cheap means of sending and receiving money.

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, California with the intention of simplifying international payments, Veem is a payment processor that created a network for global transactions, designed to give control back to businesses.

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Sending money with Veem to MPesa

Kenyans use different payment service providers when receiving or sending money abroad. The biggest issue with these providers has been transfer costs and operational challenges.

Veem however proves to be reliable and most importantly, cheap.

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Veem in Kenya

Here are other advantages of using Veem:

  • When you make or receive a Veem payment, the money is converted automatically into the local currency.
  • This means that the sending party is buying the Veem exchange rate.
  • After this conversion, the payment will then be sent to the recipient using blockchain technology meaning it is safer.
  • Veem also offers a mass payment option.

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