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Usinunue Socks Tena! 6 Investment Ideas To Gift Your Partner This Valentines

Valentines Day doesn’t mean you have to break your account and spend a fortune. Movies and social media have misled people to believe that Valentines Day is a day lovers should spend as much as possible buying materials things that will depreciate in just a few years.

Getting the perfect gift to make Valentine’s Day special and memorable is a difficult task. Picking a gift is a matter of choice but if the idea is to ensure the well-being of the loved one, then financial gifts are worth looking at.

At Market Cap Trainers will always encourage investments, even on social occasions such as this where everything says spend rather than invest.

Below are financial investment gifts that you can buy for your lover that don’t need you to necessarily break your bank.

1. A Treasury bond

There’s nothing that says commitment like a 30-year Treasury bond.

This is advisable if you are married or looking to make things official with your partner after seeing a future with them. Otherwise, be very careful when pulling this with a partner that you have been with just a few weeks before Vals.


This looks risky when you think of it at first, but as a long term investment, it’s a bright idea. It’s hard to lose money invested in Crypto if you are patient. You also don’t need a lot to make the investment.

Start with whatever amount you have, maybe Ksh 1000, and you will be shocked how much it will be in a few years.

Talk to us at Marketcap if you want to know more about this since we offer Crypto courses, advice and investment opportunities.

3. An hour with a great financial adviser

Sometimes, the best gift you give is advice. If you know a loved one is looking for help, offer the gift of an appointment with a financial adviser.

In addition to offering to pay for the first appointment, you could also suggest some thoughts on how to pick a great financial adviser.

4. A Life Insurance Policy

Ensuring that your partner is taken care of in the event that something happens to you—and vice versa—offers the gift of peace of mind.

A Life Term insurance plan can help your partner maintain the standard of living, pay off loans (if any) and most importantly, keep financial goals on track.

Life insurance is especially important if you think that your loved one might have difficulties meeting monthly living expenses and paying one-time costs in the event of your death, like funeral expenses, as well as such longer-term bills as a mortgage—not to mention just the general cost of raising children.

5. Buy Art work

Artwork makes a beautiful and personalized gift for any occasion. If you get a piece from specific artists or time periods, you may end up with a piece that has the ability to appreciate in value for years to come.

Talk to known art enthusiasts to see what recommendations they may have to offer so that you get something within your means but that will appreciate in a few years to come.

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