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Toa Sausages, Weka Mutura: Different Ways Kenyans Are Saving In These Tough Times

Kenyans are currently experiencing one of the toughest times since the country got independence.

Many consumers are on the ropes financially. This situation is perhaps hardest for those who feel as though they’ve done everything right.

It has become almost impossible to afford basic things in the country. A litre of cooking oil is now going for almost Ksh 500.

Kenyans have taken to social media several times to plead for help from the government to reduce the high cost of living, which, is not only being felt in Kenya but across the globe.

In the spirit of trying to survive the times, Kenyans have taken to social media to share creative ways of how they have been forced to change their lifestyle in order to get by.

1. Budgeting tithe

While many tend to always ignore their tithe while budgeting, times have now changed.

People complain that they just can’t pay the 10% or tithe even when things were not as tough. But now, it’s crucial you include it.

2. Change of lifestyle

Everything is shooting up but salaries aren’t. This has forced a lifestyle change on Kenyans and now many are replacing fancy things and wants with necessities.

Take outs have been replaced by cooked food. Trips and holidays have been reduced to indoor movies and fun activities.

3. Shopping around for the best rate

While in the past a majority didn’t mind where they shop, the tough times have made many cautious.

Few are flocking to the malls and other high-end places for shopping. Instead, people are now going to wholesale shops where they can get a discount.

4. Pretend it never happened

A salary raise hasn’t made much change to people’s lifestyles unlike in the past. Many are opting to save that money instead of changing their lifestyle.

5. Canceling Memberships and Subscriptions they Don’t Use/Cannot Afford 

Kenyans are now taking time to review their existing monthly subscriptions and decide which ones they don’t use right now.

Review your OTP (over-the-top) media platform subscriptions to decide the ones you want to keep. If possible, you can downgrade the subscription level to save a few hundred bucks every month. 

No need to pay for four different TV subscriptions for example and one can work just fine.

6. Declutter Homes & Selling Things that are not in use

Many people have opted to get rid of old and unused things around the home not only to clear up space but also to earn a few bucks.

The pandemic has affected all. But, people from lower-income strata are much more affected by it than the middle class and upper class. Loss of daily income, coupled with a lack of savings, has dealt a significant financial blow to them.

Laying off your household driver or domestic help during this challenging time could deprive them of their lifeline. So, be considerate and do whatever you can to make their life a little better. The same applies to street vendors and small-scale sellers. Instead of haggling with them for a few rupees, try to help them in any way you can.

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