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Post-Naivasha: How To Recoup Money You Spent And Clear Debts Faster

The highly anticipated World Rally Championship in Naivasha is over and now it’s back to reality.

The reality, however, might not be so good, and can easily be translated as broke, tired, and deep in debt.

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It’s understandable. A majority didn’t make proper plans and those who did might have exceeded their budgets.

Below are easy ways you can recoup the money you spent during the event and the unexpected debts you might have sunk into:

Put a pause on spending

You are already in a hole following the WRC event therefore the best way forward is to stop digging. Tighten your budget and reduce spending as much as possible to avoid sinking deeper into debt.

Recalibrate your budget

If you spend money you shouldn’t have spent the key is reevaluating your situation and looking for areas in your budget where you can make adjustments to help you catch back up.

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That might mean, for example, that if you usually go out to dinner twice a week, next week you don’t go out to dinner at all and you use the money you save to get back on track.

Cancel out things in your budget that aren’t necessities until you bounce back.

Start planning ahead

Don’t let yourself fall into the same traps next year. Start planning now. The earlier the better.

Plan how you’ll sleep, drink and have fun next year during the event. Calculate what you expect to spend next year using this year’s total and you can offset a good portion of your holiday spending.

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Quick Fixes

To clear the debts, look for quick fixes that will help you raise the funds at zero costs.

That extra pair of earphones you have do you really need it? What about those old rims from your first car? Try clearing the amount by selling off things you don’t need in your house.

Don’t commit to any new recurring monthly bills

Just because your income and credit qualify you for a certain loan, doesn’t mean you should take it. Many people naively think the bank wouldn’t approve them for a credit card or loan they can’t afford.

Hustle extra

You had a good time at Naivasha and now it’s time to pay back.

That side job you said NO to because it wasn’t paying enough, get it. You need the extra cash. Paid to work overtime? Push some extra hours.

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