Nigeria Now Has Over 22 Million Crypto Owners, Kenya 3rd In Africa With 6 Million

Nigeria has maintained its position as the leader in Cryptocurrency owners in Africa with 22 million owners from Africa’s total 53 million.

The analysis, which did, indicates that Nigeria has climbed three positions to fourth in the world in crypto owners.

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On a worldwide scale, the US takes the lead with 46 million. Other notable countries include India and Pakistan, with 27.4M and 26.4M owners of crypto assets, respectively.

After Nigeria, South Africa is the second-largest cryptocurrency holder in Africa with approximately 7.7 million people.

This number represents around 12.6 percent of South Africa’s total population.

Kenya rounds up the top three list of countries with the highest number of crypto holders in Africa.

The nation has about 6.1 million people with digital assets, representing close to 11% of the total population.

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Kenya was one of the first in Africa to adopt the digital asset and has been a key player in promoting its use on the continent.

Egypt and Tanzania each have approximately 2.37 million and 2.33 million holders of crypto assets, respectively.

Cryptocurrency in Africa has picked a lot of steam in the last few years.

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From Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana to the largest yet struggling part of Africa-Kenya.

It is not surprising to know how Kenyans have made whopping profits out of cryptocurrency trading without migrating to any other country.

In addition, transition to the use of bitcoin as a reserve currency could also protect the country from exploitative loans that could hurt its sovereignty.

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