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Nairobi Women Are Getting Richer As Young Men Remain Poor Pleasing Them

The following is a letter from a disgruntled man who believes young men are headed in the wrong direction while competing to treat women.

In an era where men are being attacked for not spending on women and women being encouraged to take shilling from men and not reciprocate the favour, we believe the letter, which has gone viral on social media, has a couple of lessons we can borrow.

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The boy child needs to invest in himself as much as he’s spending on his girlfriend if he wants a better future.

Read the letter below:

Dear Men,

If you are not careful, you will be sponsoring people who are investing while you remain poor. Many ladies nowadays are using their money to buy plots of land, building houses, investing in stocks etc.

While the majority of the young men spend their hard-earned money on pleasing the same women. They have long term insurance policies, they are investing in businesses. In fact, they even buy cars – stand along any highway in Nairobi and you’ll notice that majority of private car drivers (over 70%) are women – and for the few men, the majority are loans.

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The benchmark for you to get them is that you must be driving, while they don’t have to be driving to get you. You are sponsoring their hair, nails, pizza, fuel, birthdays, etc…Meanwhile, you can’t even buy a plot.

You have no investment to your name. Your parents are suffering at home and look where you channel your money; this even adds to your misfortunes in life. By the way, ladies support their parents far more than men do. It is because most men stupidly spend their money on women.

Don’t you wonder how come she works, but she is always broke, always asking you for a little for hair, she wants to meet you in a restaurant and you pay the bill, you go to visit her, you’re carrying KFC chicken, or you have passed by Pizza inn?

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Women laughing together on urban rooftop

Well, she is not lying, she is really broke. She just bought cement and paid the fundi building her house, and she just sent the last of her money to her parents.

She ensures she is not liquid so that she doesn’t spend, while you are afraid of being broke because you won’t be able to entertain her, and that you might lose her to another man.

Nkt, you’re an imbecile! You may not even be the only one supporting her life. Jipange na mapema guys and am not saying you should not support your woman but as you do also remember yourself and your future too.

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