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MarketCap Watch! Easy Way You Can Own A Home In Kenya

NCBA Money Mastery shares how you can buy your first property

In a recent episode of the NCBA Money Mastery show, host Leo discussed the importance of property finance for Kenyans and the challenges they face in achieving home ownership.

Joining him as a guest was Stella Muchai, the Head of Property Finance at NCBA.

Muchai highlighted that although Kenya has a population of around 50 million, there are only 28,000 registered mortgages in the country.

owning a home in Kenya
Owning a home in Kenya

This is due to a variety of factors, including a lengthy and confusing property ownership process, a mismatch between property prices and incomes, and a lack of understanding of the mortgage process among first-time home buyers.

In addition, NCBA is offering 105% financing to clients who buy and build property and a maximum tenor of 25 years to its customers, and a length of moratorium of 9 years for constructed now home owners.

houses in Kenya
Mortgages in Kenya

NCBA also works with its customers to guide them through the property-buying process and find the best deals.

Muchai also emphasized that mortgages are not just for employed people and urged Kenyans to take advantage of the financing options available to them through institutions like NCBA.

Overall, the show aims to educate and guide viewers on how to make the most of their money and achieve their financial goals, including home ownership.

Watch the video below to understand how to own a home:

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