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#Lowerfoodprices!! 12 Clever Ways You Can Spend Less On Food

In the wake of the trending “lower food prices” topic currently trending on social media, Kenyans have been sharing different ways you can spend less on food following the recent surge in the cost of living in the country.

For more than two days now, Kenyans have been protesting using the hashtag #lowerfoodprices asking the government to come up with a quick solution.

Food is one of those things none of us can live without.

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You might be able to save money by skipping TV payments or avoiding expensive travel, but cutting food expenses has to be weighed against survival — not to mention health and day-to-day satisfaction.

As crazy as it may sound, saving money in one area of your life can help you save money in another.

Marketcap Trainers has come up with 12 solutions that we believe can help you save some money when budgeting for food.

1. Make a list (and stick to it). 

Know exactly what you need to get in and out of the supermarket — without making tempting impulse purchases. Having a list of what you need keeps you focused and avoids unnecessary purchases which might be expensive.

2. Shop from Wholesales instead of the supermarkets

Kenyans, especially the middle class, love shopping for everything straight from the supermarkets. What a majority don’t know is that supermarkets increase prices depending on location, products, target market and other various factors.

Instead of writing your list and going to the supermarket to fill your trolling, try going to a wholesale shop first which are relatively cheaper.

3. Buy in bulk

Avoid the small daily purchases and buy as much as possible in bulk. Go to Eastleigh where you can access all foods in bulk and buy for the whole month. Buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run plus it will help you control your spending.

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4. Get Your Groceries from the market

Skipping your mama mboga and going straight to the market for your greens is a solid way of cutting food costs. Going to the market might be a little hectic but is totally worth it in the long run. That extra Ksh 2 or Ksh 3 Mama Mboga adds to get her profit burgeons into a lot when you shop for a whole month.

5. Stop wasting leftovers

Don’t put food in the fridge/freezer and leave it for dead. Label and date everything and then actually go back to look to see what you have. If your family isn’t interested in eating leftovers, you may need to get creative with how you reuse them.

6. Stop eating out and start cooking your own food

Cooking food is very cheap compared to ordering food. Instead of ordering that quarter chicken with chips, why don’t you buy a full chicken and prepare it yourself?

Cooking, as tiresome as it might be, helps you in saving a lot of money especially if you have a large family.

7. Buy a fridge/ freezer.

Buying a freezer or a fridge helps you store food and reduces wasting. While the initial costs of getting these might be expensive, a freezer and a good fridge will help you store your food for longer.

8. Capitalize on offers

Try as much as possible to capitalize on discounts and offers. Supermarkets and other food stores usually have these to clear products or increase awareness. Go for them as much as you can.

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9. Never shop while hungry

You’ve heard this one before. Everything looks/sounds good when you’re hungry. Eat up and THEN go shopping.

10. Set Weekly Limits

This is probably one of the most simple concepts, but the hardest to grasp, but it is possible!  By setting a weekly spending limit, you can easily keep track of your spending.

11. Cook in bulk

Instead of making enough food for just dinner, double (or triple) your recipe. Cook a meal that can be eaten maybe three or four times.

12. Consider starting a garden

Having a small, makeshift garden on your balcony or outside your house can save you a lot. Depending on your location, you can grow almost every kind of fruit and vegetable in your own garden. A lot of people love fresh veggies and fruits, but they never think about growing them in their own garden to spend less.

These are just but a few examples. At Market Cap Trainers, we offer personal finance education, Investment opportunities and other financial services. Just reach us through our contacts: or 0765 093983 for any inquiries.

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