Google Cloud Introduced New Web3 Portal For Blockchain Developers

Google Cloud has made waves in the blockchain world with the launch of its highly anticipated Web3 portal, designed to be a one-stop hub for developers diving into the decentralized realm. Among its offerings are invaluable resources tailored to blockchain enthusiasts, including tutorials on the creation of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and access to diverse datasets.

However, the reception from the cryptocurrency community has been as diverse as the projects themselves.

Critics wasted no time pointing out perceived shortcomings.

“No native Bitcoin and lightning support? Seems like an oversight to ignore the most important cryptocurrency,” remarked Phil Geiger, the vice president of product marketing at Unchained, in a critical post shared widely on April 25th. Similarly, renowned crypto trader MartyParty voiced disappointment to his substantial following, expressing that “Google is way behind.”

Yet, amidst the skepticism, there were voices of praise. Ivaibi Festo, the founder of Mitroplus labs, hailed the Web3 portal as a “comprehensive resource” in a post that garnered positive attention on April 25th.

The portal promises a plethora of offerings for developers eager to explore the blockchain space. Developers gain access to various products and receive testnet tokens for deployment and experimentation on Ethereum’s testnets, Sepolia and Holesky. Additionally, a structured learning program guides developers through the intricacies of NFT development, Web3 loyalty programs, and the implementation of multi-party computation for securing digital assets.

This unveiling is just the latest in a series of moves by Google to establish itself in the Web3 domain. In a significant expansion, Google now allows users to search wallet balances across multiple blockchains, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Arbitrum, and Avalanche, among others.

Earlier policy shifts by Google paved the way for broader crypto acceptance. At the start of 2024, Google revised its advertising policies to permit certain crypto products, including Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, on major search engines.

The groundwork for the Web3 portal was laid in previous years through strategic partnerships and technological integrations.

Notably, Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse integration with MultiversX in October 2023 paved the way for advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence tools within the Web3 ecosystem. September 2023 saw Google’s BigQuery adding support for 11 blockchain networks, solidifying its commitment to embracing the decentralized future.

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