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December Hacks: Money Saving Tricks To Help You Through

December comes with a lot of spending and if not careful, might end up ruining our budget.

Some of our favorite money-saving hacks for December are all about planning ahead, even as far as January to avoid last-minute running around and unnecessary loans.

The festive season comes with a lot of temptations to spend as mentioned therefore the following hacks will guide you on how you can avoid going beyond your budget while celebrating.

  1. Have a budget always

This is the most important thing before starting your December otherwise you won’t be able to monitor your spending or where you are leaking money.

Gauge how much you can afford to spend on flights, accommodation, souvenirs, food and so on. Make a cost breakdown so that it can act as your check and balance when you’re finally cruising on your holiday. With a little bit of effort and self-discipline, you’re going to make both #budgetgoals and #travelgoals happen.

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2. Stay with family/ friends

If you are traveling, try and seek hospitality from friends and family there before thinking of sleeping in a hotel or Airbnb. This way, you’ll have cut the cost by almost 90%.  Simple things like these are also what make a stay feel like a home away from home. Traveling in December doesn’t have to feel lonely!

3. Carry Cash

Having cash that will take care of the small, recurring spending will save you a lot. We are not saying you carry all your money in cash form, but reduce those Mpesa transactions by having a little cash on you. Never forget, cash transactions carry no charges.

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4. Carry the essentials.

You should still pack items you already own instead of buying new ones at your destination, especially if they’re highly portable.

Your electronic chargers, universal adaptors and medication — these are all important items that are must-haves for your trip, but are just as easily forgotten or misplaced. Not only is it a hassle to hunt down these items, but they might also even be more expensive there! 

5. Try an “Off Season” getaway destination

Go where many aren’t going for the holidays. This will save you a ton of money. Avoid the coastal region where everybody goes for the December holidays. Instead, go to other smaller towns such as Kajiado where you can enjoy holiday and are currently at off-peak.

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