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Chorea Bro! Cheating Is Very Expensive And It’s High Time You Stop

They say love is free but what they fail to mention is that affairs can be pretty expensive.

On top of the moral and ethical issues that come with cheating on your partner, the costs associated with secret affairs can accumulate quickly and before you know it, you have nothing in your account.

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It’s a new thing when someone is caught cheating not just in Kenya but the world in general. What normally shocks many, however, are the costs that follow when someone is caught.

And when not caught, the little costs eventually bludgeon into unexpected boulders that put a dent in you financially.

There are many ways that lead to these unnoticed costs.

The list of expenses can include hotel rooms, gifts, dinner and drinks, and other dates.

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Some people, though, may go as far as purchasing airline tickets for their “lover on the side,” or buy a second cellphone, house, cars etc to keep the evidence away from their spouse.

“It’s very expensive,” says Dr. Ramani Durvasala, a Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist who has worked with many spouses on both sides of an affair.

“Some people get an additional cell phone; a whole additional cell phone plan or a burner [phone] or something like that; they may travel; they may get hotel rooms; they may purchase gifts for this new person.”

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Even without putting the figures down, because it varies across people and their income, cheating ends up ruining your finances if you’re not careful with your spending.

If you are married, cheating can come with serious consequences. People cheat for many reasons, but often fail to weigh the repercussions of those actions until later. And in the worst-case scenario, it leads to a divorce which is too expensive and messy.

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