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Andrew Kibe On Struggling Financially Even With A Good Job: ‘I Was Losing Myself’

Kibe described himself as a collection of failures

Despite having a monthly salary well past Ksh 250,000 a month, controversial YouTuber and former radio presenter Andrew Kibe was still struggling to make ends meet.

In a recent video on his Instagram, Kibe described himself as a collection of failures that stretched from finances to social life. He lost two marriages and everything else he owned around this period of time, a thing that made him sit back and start thinking about his life critically.

“I am a collection of failures. I failed in marriage, not once, but twice. All my relationships have come to an end,” he explained.

Andrew Kibe and former radio partner Kamene Goro joined Kiss FM in a hyped-up move in June 2019 before he controversially quit months later.

In the video, Kibe also confessed that when he was at Kiss FM, cops arrested him six times because of debts.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene

He also lost everything while trying to invest in the several businesses he had started.

“The jobs I had, I couldn’t stay there. Madeni zinanikimbiza mpaka naletewa makarao,” he said.

“I lost my beautiful Nissan Teana to auctioneers because I was trying to build a business. I made mistakes. I should never have given the Teana up. I lost Rogue radio offices, the best studio that we built. I am not ashamed of my failures because they have directed me to where I am today.”

He said he decided to quit to find himself as he was losing himself.

“I was hanging out with women all the time and I asked myself what kind of energy am I allowing in my life?” he stated.

“I was like I am dying and losing myself. I woke up one day and said no, this is too much noise, and that is how I sent a resignation letter and said I could not do more of that. When I left, I started thinking about myself, but I was a mess.”

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